Exile, return, Ouidah, and Haiti: Vodun’s workings on the art of Edouard Duval-Carrié

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African American Studies


A story turns on a work of art, a sculpture that the Haitian artist, Edouard Duval-Carrie, hoped to install on Djebaji Beach in Ouidah, Benin Republic during Ouidah 1992: The First International Festival of Vodun Arts and Cultures, held Feb 8-18, 1993. The festival, spearheaded by the then president of the country, Nicephore Dieudonne Soglo, was intended to recognize and celebrate transatlantic Vodun. As such, Vodun priests and priestesses, religious practitioners, government officials, artists, tourists, scholars, and anyone else interested in this monumental gathering came from all over the world to participate. Duval-Carrie was one of several diasporic artists invited to contribute their work to the festival. Here, Pressley-Sanon discusses Vodun's workings on the art of Duval-Carrie.

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