Highly polar states of Rydberg atoms in strong magnetic and weak electric fields

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Physics and Astronomy


We study the spectra of diamagnetic rubidium Rydberg atoms in strong magnetic and weak electric parallel fields, in the n-mixing regime. Our emphasis is on isolated pairs of near-degenerate, opposite-parity, diamagnetic states that become mixed by the weak electric field. Such level pairs allow for the generation of nondegenerate states with large, tunable permanent electric dipole moments and large optical excitation cross sections from the atomic ground state. We investigate how the dipole moments and the zero-electric-field energy defects of these level pairs can be tuned using small variations of the electric and magnetic fields. Using calculations, we explore the abundance of such level pairs over wide spectral regions for several magnetic quantum numbers. Applications of polar, diamagnetic Rydberg states in Rydberg-atom interaction experiments are briefly discussed.

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