Effect of nanosilica on the properties of polyester-based polyurethane

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Physics and Astronomy


Polyester-based polyurethanes with embedded nanosilica particles were prepared. The viscosity of polyester resins without and with nanosilica was determined by rheoviscometry. The morphology and mechanical and optical properties of the polyurethane coatings were studied intensively with a transmission electron microscope, a pendulum hardness tester, a scanning probe microscope, an Instron testing machine, an abrader and an ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer. The viscosity of the polyester resins increased as the nanosilica content increased. Nanosilica could basically be dispersed into the polyester and its polyurethane on a nanoscale. The addition of a small amount of nanosilica increased the hardness, abrasion resistance, and tensile properties of the polymer films. However, these mechanical properties could be worsened at higher nanosilica contents. The ultraviolet-visible spectra showed that the absorbance and reflection of ultraviolet-visible light by the polyurethane films increased as the nano-SiO2 content increased, especially at wavelengths of 290-400 nm. (C) 2003 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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