Integration of innovative technologies for enhancing students' motivation for science learning and career

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Geography and Geology

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Journal of Science Education and Technology


This paper analyzes the outcomes of an innovative technology experience for students and teachers (ITEST) project, Mayor's Youth Technology Corps (MYTCs) in Detroit, MI, which was funded by the NSF ITEST program. The MYTC project offered an integration of two technologies, geographic information system (GIS) and information assurance (IA), to stimulate students' interests in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) career pathways and learning opportunities among high schools in underserved communities of the City of Detroit. Pre- and post-surveys demonstrated that the MYTC students showed growth in nearly every area covered in the surveys, including dispositions about STEM career and learning. A STEM career goal measure showed that overall interest in having a career in STEM increased 9 % throughout the program, with an additional 10 % for those who participated in an internship experience, the capstone of the MYTC project.

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