A creative scientific inquiry experience in organic chemistry and quantitative analysis: pharmaceuticals in the river raisin

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The Creative Scientific Inquiry Experience program at Eastern Michigan University supports connecting courses in science, technology, and math through a common theme to improve student persistence and success. Quantitative Analysis and Organic Chemistry I were offered as a cluster with an environmental theme, focusing on analysis of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in water. The lab experience emphasized lecture concepts of acid-base chemistry, pKa, derivatization reactions, and mass spectrometry. The results led to a research project on the correlation between population and NSAID concentration in the nearby River Raisin. Assessments of student learning were used to determine if and how students were making connections between the material taught in the two lectures and the experiences in the laboratory. We report here on the outcomes from bringing together these two disparate courses into a themed experience where students learned about what was in the water.

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