Dynamics of Arabidopsis dynamin-related protein 1c and a clathrin light chain at the plasma membrane

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Plant morphogenesis depends on polarized exocytic and endocytic membrane trafficking. Members of the Arabidopsis thaliana dynamin-related protein 1 (DRP1) subfamily are required for polarized cell expansion and cytokinesis. Using a combination of live-cell imaging techniques, we show that a functional DRP1C green fluorescent fusion protein (DRP1C-GFP) was localized at the division plane in dividing cells and to the plasma membrane in expanding interphase cells. In both tip growing root hairs and diffuse-polar expanding epidermal cells, DRP1C-GFP organized into dynamic foci at the cell cortex, which colocalized with a clathrin light chain fluorescent fusion protein (CLC-FFP), suggesting that DRP1C may participate in clathrin-mediated membrane dynamics. DRP1C-GFP and CLC-GFP foci dynamics are dependent on cytoskeleton organization, cytoplasmic streaming, and functional clathrin-mediated endocytic traffic. Our studies provide insight into DRP1 and clathrin dynamics in the plant cell cortex and indicate that the clathrin endocytic machinery in plants has both similarities and striking differences to that in mammalian cells and yeast.

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