Coronary heart disease: How do the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids compare with those of aspirin, alcohol/red wine, and statin drugs?

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At the present time the primary cause of death of most Americans is cardiovascular disease. Approximately 20 million Americans are currently being treated with some form of statin drugs as a means to lower their blood cholesterol levels, and many of these same people also consume some combination of omega-3 FA, aspirin, and alcohol/red wine because of clinical data indicating that each of these, taken alone, seems to improve mortality. Recent studies with omega-3 FA have demonstrated a positive impact on mortality from coronary heart disease as well as from "all causes," and this article compares their metabolic benefits with those of aspirin, alcohol/red wine, and statin drugs. The article suggests that these four compounds may have synergistic qualities and that clinical trials to study this possibility are warranted.

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