Acta Cogitata: An Undergraduate Journal in Philosophy

Editor's Note: Issue 1

It is with great pleasure that I bring you the first issue of our undergraduate journal, Acta Cogitata.

In the vast and ever increasing sprawl of the marketplace of ideas, it is sometimes difficult to find an appropriate home for one's ideas, voice, questions, and thoughts. This journal is a new vaulting point for some of the best and brightest ideas from the ground floor of professional philosophy. An idea's greatness is not determined by its point of origin, but rather the attention it garners in the public domain and, one hopes, its proximity to the truth. It is my sincere belief that students of philosophy, regardless of their institutional accolades, will find this journal's offerings both interesting and thought-provoking. It is also my great hope that our authors will continue these projects, now with access to readers – readers who can help shape the future of these interesting projects and bring new thoughts, new ideas, and new questions to bear on these matters.

Publication marks an author's work as a noteworthy contribution to a discussion, and publication rewards the efforts of those who take seriously adding their voice to the many who struggle with difficult and interesting ideas on a daily basis. I am extremely pleased that our inaugural authors have chosen to share their outstanding work with this journal and that in return this publication is able to recognize their efforts.

After this first issue, I fully expect the number of articles we can publish to grow. The journal's inaugural authors have set a high bar, but I know there are a great number of undergraduate authors out there with ideas and thoughts to share. It is a joy to think of the many terrific papers that should find their way to Acta Cogitata over the years to come.


Dr. W. John Koolage

Editor in Chief
Professor W. John Koolage

Copy Editor
Professor J. Michael Scoville