Acta Cogitata: An Undergraduate Journal in Philosophy

Volume 4 (2017)

Editor's Note: Issue 4

I frequently wonder what is the hallmark of philosophical thought. Whatever else it might be, a sustained and careful attempt to understand the world in all its coarse and fine grained detail seems a critical component. This year’s authors provide us with no less than a robust philosophical take on issues ranging from the enduring damage of certain dualisms to concerns about the possibility of a grounding for moral judgements. I am, once again, struck by the sheer power of deep thinking and careful writing when it is brought to bear on the questions that interest those who have found themselves in the early phases of their love of wisdom. I am pleased to provide their work for your reflection, and equally pleased to reflect on these questions that capture the imagination of the newest members of our long and storied discipline.

Acta Cogitata continues to adapt to its institutional circumstances. I am sad to say goodbye to my two-year collaborator and student editor, Katie Coulter. I wish her well on her new adventures. I am also extremely pleased to accept her paper for publication in this year’s edition. Her thoughtful work has made the journal so much stronger. Once again, the journal finds itself in new circumstances. I have no doubt it will continue to grow in new and interesting ways, while offering work of the highest quality to our readers.

Thank you to our authors, their mentors and teachers, and the institutions that encourage philosophic work as a valuable and worthwhile part of our human place in the world. Our human story would be less rich without your dedication and work.

Dr. W. John Koolage

Editor in Chief
Professor W. John Koolage

Student Editor
Katie Coulter