The effects of risk aversion on wagering - Point spread versus odds

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This paper addresses a range of critical problems involving higher education funding, curricula, staff recruitment, retention and development, and student affairs that the system of higher education in Ethiopia is facing. After discussing the fundamental contributions of higher education to technological innovations, better health, improved service delivery, labour productivity, pluralism, and democratic governance, the paper examines the current state of affairs of higher education in Ethiopia. It not only discusses the problems and issues of higher education, but it also explores the ramifications of the pressure that the current expansion of higher education has on the staff, meagre resources, and facilities, thereby raising grave concern for the quality of education. The paper concludes that higher education institutions in Ethiopia are underfunded and understaffed with the curricula running the risk of becoming obsolete. Finally, it sheds light on ways to deal with the plethora of problems that the system of higher education in Ethiopia is encountering.