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It is not easy to write, with entire impartiality, the history of an institution in which one has been, for any considerable time, a personal actor. The writer has been connected, in various relations, for thirty years with the Michigan State Normal School. He has known pretty intimately all the Principals of the school, and has taught with all these except Principal Welch. With a very few exceptions he has known personally all the teachers who have been connected with the school.

Under such conditions it will be difficult to exclude the the personal element from the narrative or from the discussions which now and then occur. An attempt has been made, however, to prevent this element from giving any unfair or unjust coloring to any statements or conclusions in regard to persons, events, or the policy and administration of the school. It is too much to expect that the attempt has been in all cases entirely successful, but it is hoped that no injustice has been done to any one who has, at any time, been connected with the institution in any capacity.

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Michigan State Normal School


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A History Of The Michigan State Normal School (Now Normal College) at Ypsilanti, Michigan 1849-1899



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