Eastern Michigan University: A Sesquicentennial Portrait


Eastern Michigan University: A Sesquicentennial Portrait


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The Sesquisentenial Portrait, authored by Laurence (Larrry) Smith and Paul Heaton is a pictorial story of the University that is accompanied by written details and quotes from interviews conducted by Smith. This 'portrait' was published in 1999 to mark the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the University. Heaton, who was Director of Student Media at the time of publication, brought this expertise to the layout and presentation of the content making it an engaging timeline of institutional history.

The interviews conducted by Smith, who also served as the Vice President of Student Affairs from 1975-2000 are available through DigitalCommons@EMU [http://commons.emich.edu/oral_histories].



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Eastern Michigan University: A Sesquicentennial Portrait