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Open Access Capstone Project

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Master of Science (MS)


Technology Studies

Committee Member

Denise Pilato, PhD


Mobile devices such as electronic tablets and smart phones have had a tremendous impact on the delivery of health and medically-related information for health care professionals. These innovative information tools are now used regularly at the patient bedside and in clinical care settings to enhance patient education and to access information regarding best practices, and point-of-care diagnostics and treatments. Presumably, then, institutions which educate students in the health sciences must also teach and acclimate them throughout their allied health programs to integrate and apply these health information delivery tools into clinical practice. This project will review the last five years of the literature in this area, exploring the application and use of mobile technologies by health professionals in the delivery of health and medically-related information in clinical care settings. The literature will then be analyzed for current trends and applications, collection content and quality, sources of problems, and best practices. Additionally, the author will experiment with two tablets and smart phones, focusing on utility and ease-of-use. The outcome will be a set of considerations and recommendations for health sciences librarians to inform collection development decision-making in health sciences libraries.


Presented at the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters Annual Conference, March 22, 2013, Holland, Michigan.