The status of marketing information systems, decision support systems and expert systems in the marketing function of U.S. firms

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Computer Information Systems


A group of US companies was surveyed regarding the current status of marketing information systems (MIS), decision support systems (DSS), and expert systems (ES). An extensive review of the marketing and information systems literature was made in order to develop a 4-page questionnaire. Major issues addressed were: 1. the level of use of MISs, DSSs, or ESs in the marketing function, and 2. the level of use of the various systems in specific marketing activities. The penetration of microcomputers and MIS within the marketing function is high. Several of the firms have developed custom software to meet specific needs for analysis in specific marketing activities. The marketing activities that appear to offer potential for DSS are sales forecasting, budgeting, pricing decisions, and market research project design. The use of ES technology in software designed for marketing activities, such as inventory control, order processing, sales forecasting, and facility location, is expected to be received favorably by marketing managers in large firms. Current DSS users are likely to be future users of ES technology.