Implementing ISO 9000 at a clay plant in Georgia: A case study

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Computer Information Systems


In this paper, the implementation process of the system of ISO 9000 standards is investigated and the importance of the ISO 9000 standards is then assessed through a specific case study - English China Clays International (ECCI), located in middle Georgia. To be competitive in today's marketplace, ECCI doesn't have any reason to hesitate or prolong becoming certified, as such a certification has become a required condition to sell their products in Europe. Certification forced ECCI to keep detailed records and enabled them to analyze important performance measures. Additionally, the company is convinced that their certification has made the company be more cost effective, maintaining a higher market share, realizing a 10% increase in export, and reducing cost per ton by 7%. In summary, the certification has proven to be significantly contributive to the success of the company in their global market competition. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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