Information consulting: Developments, trends and suggestions for growth

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Computer Information Systems


The article addresses the important developments and trends in the information consulting industry in the 80s and 90s. The rapid evolution and spread of information technology and how it has created a major new set of managerial tasks is analyzed. The birth of several IS consulting firms and how this has changed the way companies look at their businesses is also analyzed. Further, the benefits of information consulting and services provided by the consulting industries are outlined and explained. The big players in the consulting industry and the services provided by them are also addressed. Further, each of the services provided and how these help the various companies in their varied tasks are also evaluated and explained. The article then goes on to address the various trends in consulting and how they provide for a consulting firm's competitive advantage. Finally the article addresses the strategies and steps the consulting firms have adopted in order to prepare themselves for the future. Also, a set of criteria for evaluating and choosing the right consulting company for the right job is outlined for reference.