Integrating expert systems and multimedia: A detailed analysis

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Computer Information Systems


Expert systems and multimedia are used in more and more organizations as tools for a variety of tasks. Both systems have potential for further implementation separately, but it is becoming clear that they can be combined. Moreover, the combination will have a synergetic effect. The benefits will show in more effective knowledge representation and user interface for expert systems, more intelligent multimedia data manipulation, and the creation of integrated systems with intelligent support for many other functions. These and other benefits are described in the paper, as well as the problems that should be considered before developing an integrated system. An historical overview of expert systems and multimedia is provided with the emphasis on the features and applications that are of most importance in the combined system. The paper also presents several models for expert system and multimedia integration with applications of these models. Several issues related to the integration are presented. One of the goals of the paper is to show the benefits of such integration.