Analysing multi-dimensional attributes for the single plant location problem via an adaptation of the analytical hierarchy process

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Computer Information Systems


An examination is made of the way in which the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) can be adapted for selection of the best location for a single plant. The plant-location problem can best be solved by structuring the decision-making process into different levels, each of which contains specific attributes unique to the problem's structure. The first level focuses on all tangible and intangible factors affecting plant location and eventually leads to a stated goal. Each factor is given an appropriate weight through the AHP method. The 2nd level consists of the possible locations and assigns each one a weight, as they may relate to attributes in the first level. Results are obtained by considering overall weights for the elements in the 2nd level. Individual attributes at all levels can be compared with one another by weights that will determine the relative importance of a given attribute at the 2nd level, thus accomplishing the site location objective.