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Jenna Le Bras


Dr. You Li

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West Africa


Jenna Le Bras is a French independent journalist based in West Africa. She works for French and foreign media, mainly in print and video media, including L'Orient le Jour, Jeune Afrique, BFMTV, Les Inrocks, Orient XXI, AFP, and Rue89.

Le Bras, a freelance journalist based in Ivory Coast, covered the West African regions for French publications during the pandemic. In this conversation, she recalled how she decided to stay and work in the area despite many challenges, including job security, mobility restrictions, health risks, and mental breakdown. She revealed the challenges and opportunities facing a freelance journalist in a foreign country and reflected on her gains and losses during the pandemic.

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freelance journalist, West Africa, mental health, institutional bias, gender inequality, job security, burnout, work-life balance, challenges and contributions of women journalists, women in journalism, journalism, Eastern Michigan University Archives, COVID-19, Pandemic


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Jenna Le Bras, Oral History Interview, 2023