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Youssra Jabeen


Dr. You Li

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Youssra Jabeen from Pakistan is a video journalist with Arab News Pakistan. She was a development communications manager at the United Nations Development Program's Merged Areas Governance Program (MAGP) from March 2021 to November 2023. Before working for UNDP, Jabeen was a multimedia journalist with over 10 years of experience. She's interested in covering art and culture news, especially when they intersect with social issues such as women's rights and vulnerable communities. Her work has been published in major Pakistani news outlets such as BBC Urdu, Independent Urdu Dawn, and the Express Tribune. She also worked for the Dallas Morning News and received her degree in journalism from the United States.

Jabeen shared her insights on practicing journalism as a woman in Pakistan. In a patriarchal society, women journalists face gender stereotypes, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, and family pressure. In this interview, Jabeen talked about her reporting, gains, and losses during the pandemic. She reminded the next generation to remain hopeful and keep searching for one's purpose in life.

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Youssra Jabeen, Oral History Interview, 2023