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Bukola Adebayo


Dr. You Li

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Bukola Adebayo is an investigative journalist with over a decade of experience reporting health, science, politics, and education in Africa. She is now the West Africa correspondent for the Thomson Reuters Foundation (Nov. 2022 to now) covering human rights and issues around abuse and exploitation of everyday people in the big economy, environment, and tech space. During COVID, Bukola was the senior producer at the CNN Digital Bureau in Nigeria (Jan 2018- Aug 2021), where she covered many topics, including, human rights, women’s rights, social injustice, political uprisings, and the environment.

In this interview, Adebayo recalled her experience of covering the impact of COVID across Africa as the senior producer at the CNN Digital Bureau in Nigeria. She reflected on navigating the transition to remote working, balancing work and life, coping with public distrust and criticism, and the unique contributions of women journalists. COVID has changed work relationships, work culture, and work routines, and provided more flexibility and safety to her. She also commented on the gender disparity in the newsroom, what it was like to work as a woman journalist in Nigeria, and made recommendations to future generations.

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Bukola Adebayo, Oral History Interview, 2023