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Self-initiated international career transition: A qualitative case study of Pakistani immigrants to Canada

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European Business Review


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine the career transition experiences of three immigrants from Pakistan in Canadian organisations using Nicholson’s four-phase transition cycle. Design/methodology/approach: A case study approach was used, and data were collected through three in-depth, semi-structured interviews to determine how immigrants experience career transitions in Canadian organisations. Findings: The findings show that all three participants had almost the same level of expectations before coming to Canada; however, there were significant differences in their career transition experiences. These findings demonstrate that immigrants’ career experiences can be understood and examined through the lens of Nicholson’s transition framework; their expectations and experiences at one stage subsequently affected their experiences at later stages. Research limitations/implications: A longitudinal research design would be an excellent approach to explore immigrants’ career transition over time. Practical implications: Organisations hiring skilled immigrants need to be more supportive of their efforts in reducing immigrants’ feeling of underemployment and discrimination. Originality/value: The study contributes to the immigrant literature by presenting a new way of looking at immigrants’ experiences in Canadian organisations. It also contributes to the career literature by extending the application of Nicholson transition cycle to an underrepresented population (i.e. immigrants) in careers research.

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DOI: 10.1108/EBR-09-2016-0127