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Evolution of knowledge management in business

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Engineering Technology

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Engineering Management Research


While investigating the growth of knowledge management in academic literature and in consultancy firms Wilson (2002) in his article “The nonsense of knowledge management”, argues that the fields of information science and information systems, should clearly distinguish between the term “information” and “knowledge” in order to assure their respective importance within organizations.The purpose of this article is to analyze the evolution of the knowledge management as a field of study that clearly differentiates itself from the information system. It investigates the integration of technology in knowledge creation and identifies progress made in KM on the subject of business using information system with the successful utilization of tacit knowledge concepts.The study consists of a systemic review of articles on knowledge management from Web of Science and Esearch databases since 2003. The study used three search strings “knowledge management”, “knowledge management” and “tacit”, and “knowledge management” and “explicit”. This study may not have covered all articles and reports in KM. Yet, based on the chosen research methodology, it seems reasonable to assume that the review process covered a large share of the studies available.The literature concerning the evolution of the Knowledge Management (KM) has highlighted that KM as a strategy and tool is now more in line with the basic definition of knowledge and wisdom. The advancement in Information Technology (IT), has supported knowledge capture process by utilizing the human dimension of KM that emphasize on knowledge context. The main contribution of this study is to confirm the close relationship of dependency of IT and KM.

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DOI: 10.5539/emr.v6n2p32