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An empirical study of technological factors affecting cloud enterprise resource planning systems adoption

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Accounting and Finance

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Information Resources Management Journal


The adoption of cloud enterprise resource planning (CERP) systems deserves serious attention from both the practitioner and academic communities. This study empirically investigated the relationships for organizations that adopted CERP systems and for average organizations which are interested in CERP system adoption based on three technological and one benefit factors: The study identified the relevant technological factors as relative advantage, compatibility and security concern over the system adoption. This study indicated that the three technological and one perceived benefit factors are significant predictors of CERP systems adoption. The findings of the study provide evidence that organizations with CERP systems have a higher level of the three technological factors and perceived benefits than the mean of each relevant factor for all organizations that are merely interested in adopting the systems. The study discusses practical and theoretical implications of the results, and provides a guide for CERP systems adoption and a basis for further research.

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DOI: 10.4018/IRMJ.2017040101