An exploratory study examining current assessment supervisory practices in professional psychology

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Journal of Personality Assessment


The extant literature reveals a considerable amount of research examining course work or technical training in psychological assessment, but a dearth of empirical research on assessment supervision. This study examined perspectives on current assessment supervisory practices in professional psychology through an online survey. Descriptive and qualitative data were collected from 125 survey respondents who were members of assessment-focused professional organizations and who had at least 1 year of supervision experience. Responses indicated a general recognition of the need for formal training in assessment supervision, ongoing training opportunities, and adherence to supervision competencies. Responses indicated more common use of developmental and skill-based models, although most did not regard any one model of assessment supervision as superior. Despite the recommended use of a supervision contract, only 65.6% (n = 80) of respondents use one. Discussion, directed readings, modeling, role-play, and case presentations were the most common supervisory interventions. Although conclusions are constrained by low survey response rate, results yielded rich data that might guide future examination of multiple perspectives on assessment supervision and ultimately contribute to curriculum advances and the development of supervision “best practices.”

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