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Emergency management for infrastructure and transportation systems in the U.S.

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Visual and Built Environments

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Proceedings - 2017 Baltic Geodetic Congress (Geomatics)


The infrastructure and transportation systems in the US are integrated mechanism with various dynamic parameters. They have economic, social and vital importance for everyone. Security and safety of infrastructure and transportation systems in case of any possible disasters are crucial. A better understanding is needed for an upgrade of traditional activities and integration with the national emergency activities. There are various current practices throughout the states and all over the country. The objective of this research paper is to define the current state and point the current practices in asset management and emergency management strategies with GIS for infrastructure and transportation systems in the US in case of any disaster. In the paper, Michigan DOT GIS based system has been introduced and synthesized to define integrated emergency management strategy. Possible actions to address emergency management strategy are investigated; and implementation of the emergency management strategy is explained.

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DOI: 10.1109/BGC.Geomatics.2017.24