Exhaust gas analysis of an eight cylinder gasoline engine based on engine speed

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Conference Proceeding

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Engineering Technology

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Energy Procedia


In this experimental work, exhaust gas analysis of an eight cylinder and v-type gasoline engine, namely, a Chevrolet 5.7, is experimentally performed in terms of engine speed at laboratory conditions by using of an exhaust gas analyzer and the special software called "NetDyn" and "WinDyn". The engine test setup includes a dynamometer to determine the engine torque and data acquisition system. At the experimental works, the engine speed ranges from 2500 rpm to 5250 rpm and step time for successive speeds is held constant as 10 s. A throttle position of 60 is selected for the engine operation. Exhaust gas emissions such as O2, CO, NOx and SO2, are measured in terms of engine speed. Exhaust gas temperature and excess air coefficient are also measured as a function of the engine speed during the experiments.

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