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Factors affecting identity theft anxiety level in college students

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Engineering Technology

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2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition


Each year, millions of Americans are becoming the victims of identity-theft and this is one of a number of serious, growing and widespread issues. Examining the factors that affect anxiety levels of identity-theft victims and determining whether there is any significant relationship between these factors are an important issue. In this paper, a research model is presented to determine whether electronic devices self-efficacy, electronic devices usage and information security awareness are the main and direct factors that affect identity-theft anxiety level in college students. This study performed several analyses on a developed questionnaire to ensure validity and reliability. After examining all proposed hypotheses, it was found that electronic devices self-efficacy and electronic devices usage have significant impact on identity-theft anxiety level of the students. The data also support a relationship between information security awareness of the students and their identity-theft anxiety level. This research also showed that gender, employment status, race, and age have moderating effects on all hypotheses. The outcome of this study indicated that more information should be provided to students regarding how to take proactive measures in using their electronic devices in order to avoid identity-theft. c American Society for Engineering Education, 2017.

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DOI: 10.18260/1-2--28349