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Integrating behavioral health risk assessment into centralized intake for maternal and child health services

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Social Work

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Health and Social Work


Effectively promoting women's health during and around the time of pregnancy requires early, nonstigmatizing identification and assessment of behavioral health risks (such as depression, substance use, smoking, and interpersonal violence) combined with timelylinkage to community support and specialized interventions. This article describes an integrated approach to behavioral health risk screening woven into a point of first contact with the health care delivery system: centralized intake for maternal and child health home visiting programs. Behavioral Health Integrated Centralized Intake is a social work-informed, community-designed approach to screening, brief intervention, and service linkage targeting communities at high risk for fetal and infant mortality. Women enrolled in this study were receptive to holistic risk screen in gas wellas guided referral for both home visiting support and specialized mental health interventions. Results from this multi-community study form the foundation for strengths-based, social work-informed enhancements to community health promotion programs.

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DOI: 10.1093/hsw/hlx037