Digital workplace management: Exploring aspects related to culture, innovation, and leadership

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Technology Studies

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PICMET 2018 - Portland international conference on management of engineering and technology: Managing technological entrepreneurship: The engine for economic growth, proceedings


The digitization of businesses is continuing to take place at a rapid pace as a result of key influences such as integrated technologies and digital transformation strategies. Such adoption is changing the way organizations conduct their business and it is crucial that this impact is fully understood in order to maximize its potential. This paper presents key elements of a digital workplace and how to build it. The paper also highlights a number of possible benefits and challenges related to digital workplaces including the workforce's productivity and innovation. Furthermore, the paper will examine crucial skills needed by business leaders when managing or leading digital workplaces. Finally, the paper will evaluate a number of key success factors for the effective management of digital workplaces. The paper will serve as a valuable source of information regarding how organizations best manage workforce culture related aspects when digital workplace settings are adopted.

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