Maintaining the relevance of technology management programs in an entrepreneurial environment

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Technology Studies

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PICMET 2018 - Portland international conference on management of engineering and technology: Managing technological entrepreneurship: The engine for economic growth, proceedings


Technology Management programs in universities need to keep current with the needs of businesses to remain viable. While it is important for faculty members to remain up-to-date in their areas of expertise, feedback from professionals in the industry is also critical. To collect such feedback, two undergraduate Technology Management programs-one in the Midwest and one in the West-sent out surveys to over 1,700 national and international technology management professionals. Over 350 surveys were completed by respondents from 30 different countries. Almost 86% of these respondents were employed full-time in sectors such as education, computers and information technology, manufacturing, and research and development. Respondents were asked about the importance of topics such as organizational and technological change; project, quality, and strategic management; information and knowledge management; and management of innovation and product development. This paper will explore what elements technology professionals believe are important to managing technological entrepreneurship of the future. It will also specifically report how the responding professionals view skills in areas like launching new products, understanding patent laws, designing processes, and predicting new product success. The findings will provide useful insights into how to design tomorrow's Technology Management curricula that produces professionals capable of managing technological entrepreneurship.

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