Online Appointment Scheduler: The Perfect Fit for the On-Demand Generation

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Public Services Quarterly


Column description. Special Libraries, Special Challenges is a column dedicated to exploring the unique public services challenges that arise in libraries that specialize in a particular subject, such as law, medicine, business, and so forth. In each column, the author will discuss public service dilemmas and opportunities that arise in special libraries. Special or subject-matter librarians interested in authoring a piece for this column are invited to contact Patti Gibbons and Deborah Schander. This article is written by Meryl Brodsky. Meryl is the Business Librarian at Eastern Michigan University. She holds a MLS from Southern Connecticut State University and an MBA from Cornell University. This article explores a case study at Eastern Michigan University and how the Business Librarian transitioned from traditional office hours to an appointment-based system to better meet the reference needs of current students. The article examines the LibCal online scheduling program, how it was rolled out at EMU, its effectiveness and reception.

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