A wi-fi based architecture of a smart home controlled by smartphone and wall display IoT device

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Engineering Technology

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Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems


In this age of smart devices, many people are carrying a smartphone with them all the time. When they are at home, most of them are connected with the home Wi-Fi network. In this paper, a Wi-Fi network based architecture is proposed to control home appliances using a smartphone and also with a touchscreen-based wall display panel. The proposed system enables the user to control appliances from anywhere in the home without the pain of walking towards the switch panel on the wall. In this project, the mechanical switch based panel on the wall is replaced by the state-of-the-art touch-based liquid crystal display. Along with buttons, the display also shows current weather and time widgets. The smartphone app and a prototype of the display panel using Raspberry Pi with Android Things operating system is developed and tested.

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