An integrated product-process hierarchical modeling method for development of complex assembly manufacturing systems

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Conference Proceeding

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Engineering Technology

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Procedia CIRP


The development of assembly manufacturing systems of complex products, such as automotive vehicles, needs systematic approaches. This paper proposes a new development method based on hierarchical modeling of a complex product and its assembly processes. The method integrates product and process for assembly system development by decomposing a complex product according to its hierarchical architecture in a product domain and creating the respective assembly flows in a process domain. Based on the integrated product-process hierarchical model, this paper presents three steps of manufacturing system development: 1) to plan overall assembly system flow, 2) to configure subassembly lines, and 3) to design the functionality and processes of main assembly workstations. The paper demonstrates and discusses the first two steps of assembly system development with examples. This method can make assembly manufacturing development more systematic, standardized, and efficient. The method also promotes product design variety and modularity for DFM.

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