Being, nothing more

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Art and Design

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SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 art gallery, SA 2018


My submission for the SIGGRAPH 2018 Art Gallery relates directly to the conference theme Crossover, and more specifically, to the sub-theme of Overlap. In the call for submissions, Overlap is described as "A state in which two organisms connect and share common ground on contexts, medium and/or aesthetics." My project draws connections between my body and an inanimate found rock. My project entitled "Being, nothing more" presents the volume of my body (i.e. 5,616.188 cubic inches found using air displacement plethysmography) reimagined as a CNC milled boulder that occupies the same amount of physical space. A small rock, only a few inches across, was 3D scanned then scaled to 5,616.188 cubic inches using Meshmixer. The mesh was then modified, sliced into 1 inch layers, and 2-sided 3D CAM was developed using Fusion 360. I used a Shopbot to mill the parts from polystyrene and reassembled the large volume. The final form was sealed with a thin coat of epoxy and the piece was painted using color-shifting auto paint.

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