Two factor authentication using Twofish Encryption and Visual Cryptography algorithms for secure data communication

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Conference Proceeding

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Information Security and Applied Computing

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2019 6th International Conference on Internet of Things: Systems, Management and Security, IOTSMS 2019


Dependence of the individuals on the Internet for performing the several actions require secure data communication. Thus, the reliable data communication improves the confidentiality. As, enhanced security leads to reliable and faster communication. To improve the reliability and confidentiality, there is dire need of fully secured authentication method. There are several methods of password protections were introduced to protect the confidentiality and reliability. Most of the existing methods are based on alphanumeric approaches, but few methods provide the dual authentication process. In this paper, we introduce improved graphical password authentication using Twofish Encryption and Visual Cryptography (TEVC) method. Our proposed TEVC is unpredictably organized as predicting the correct graphical password and arranging its particles in the proper order is harder as compared to traditional alphanumeric password system. TEVC is tested by using JAVA platform. Based on the testing results, we confirm that proposed TEVC provides secure authentication. TEVC encryption algorithm detected as more prudent and possessing lower time complexity as compared to other known existing algorithms message code confirmation and fingerprint scan with password.

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