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Parents’ Part C experiences in rural areas: Alignment with recommended practices

Kalli B. Decker, Montana State University
Jacie Meldrum, Montana State University
J. Mitchell Vaterlaus, Montana State University
Tricia D. Foster, Eastern Michigan University


© 2020 SAGE Publications. The Division for Early Childhood (DEC) clearly outlined recommended practices for the provision of Part C services. However, there may be challenges in rural areas associated with services aligning with these recommended practices. Therefore, this study focuses on how families experience Part C services and the extent to which services align with specific areas the DEC recommended practices in the large, rural state of Montana. We interviewed parents (N = 30) about their children’s Part C services. Deductive qualitative content analysis was used. Parents’ reports suggest that while some aspects of their Part C services align with specific recommended practices, others do not. There were some meaningful differences regarding alignment with these recommended practices depending on type of provider being described. The environments in which services take place are discussed, as these may influence aspects of collaboration and building family capacity.