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Parents’ perceptions of access to services for their adult children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder

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Social Work

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Families in Society


© The Author(s) 2019. The purpose of this phenomenological study was to investigate parents’ perceptions of service access for their adult children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Access includes accommodation, acceptability, availability, and affordability (4 As) of services. This study examined which of the 4 As presented the biggest challenges across multiple types of services needed. Fifty-one parents of adult children with ASD participated in semistructured interviews sharing perceptions of support services available for their adult children. Parents discussed eight types of services (case management, educational programs, employment and employment supports, physical/mental health care, housing, day program or respite care, social life and recreation, and transportation). Based on parent perceptions, services were inconsistently accessible, difficult to obtain, and inadequate. Trained social workers and health care professionals are needed to provide and coordinate services for adults with ASD.

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