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Profiles of health-related quality of life and their relationships with happiness, physical activity, and fitness

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Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport


© 2020 SHAPE America. Purpose: Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) reflects a perceived sense of physical and mental well-being over time, encompassing both physical health and psychosocial health. Although these two health concepts have been often examined as a whole, few studies have explored the possibility of mixed profiles. We designed this study to identify Chinese adolescents’ HRQOL profiles and their associations with happiness, physical activity, and fitness. Method: 544 high-school students completed validated Chinese-version questionnaires assessing HRQOL, happiness, and physical activity behavior while their fitness level was evaluated based on China National Fitness Test Program. A two-step cluster analysis and MANOVAs were conducted. Results: We identified four distinct clusters: low HRQOL, psychosocial health-oriented, physical health-oriented, and high HRQOL. There were significant differences among clusters in happiness, physical activity, and fitness, with “high HRQOL” group being the most adaptive cluster while “low HRQOL” group the least. Both psychosocial health-oriented and physical health-oriented clusters demonstrated dimension-related features. Conclusion: Health-related quality of life in Chinese adolescents is a multidimensional construct. Although its physical and psychosocial functioning are often interacted, different dimensions have unique but specified roles. Particularly, physical functioning might not only be associated with physical and health condition but also with positive emotion, especially when psychosocial satisfaction is lacking. It is important to pay specific attention to the interactions among the dimensions and how the interactions combine and function together to influence adolescents’ behavior.

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