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Transfer of the Malagasy genera Humbertianthus and Macrostelia to Hibiscus (Malvaceae) with description of four new species

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© 2020 CONSERVATOIRE ET JARDIN BOTANIQUES DE GENÈVE. Two Malagasy species of the genus Macrostelia Hochr. (Malvaceae) are transferred to Hibiscus L. and two new combinations are proposed: Hibiscus calyculatus (Hochr.) M. Hanes, G.E. Schatz & Callm. and Hibiscus involucratus (Hochr.) M. Hanes & G.E. Schatz & Callm. The monotypic genus Humbertianthus Hochr. with its single species Humbertianthus cardiostegius Hochr. was defined as a taxon in its bud stage and represented unopened flowering collections of Hibiscus laurinus Baill. Several recent herbarium collections from the eastern humid forest of Madagascar represent four new restricted range species: Hibiscus ambanitazensis M. Hanes & G.E. Schatz, Hibiscus analalavensis M. Hanes & G.E. Schatz, Hibiscus ankeranensis M. Hanes & G.E. Schatz, Hibiscus vohipahensis M. Hanes & G.E. Schatz. Each of the new species are documented by field photographs and their geographic distribution is presented. Risk of extinction assessments of the seven species discussed indicate three taxa are threatened as "Critically Endangered", and four are "Least concern".

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