10.1109/MCE.2020.3040717 ">

A secure hardware-assisted AMI authentication scheme for smart cities

Fathi Amsaad, Eastern Michigan University
Selcuk Kose, University of Rochester


IEEE In this paper, an area-efficient dynamic ring oscillator based physical unclonable function (d-ROPUF) design utilizing field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) technology is proposed. An enormous amount of secret keys are generated to securely authenticate advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) nodes throughout their useful lifetime meting National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) real-time authentication key and security standards. A secure key exchange scheme between a smart meter and utility center is implemented within an AMI network while preserving the privacy and identity of the meter using lightweight encryption. The proposed framework is demonstrated for six different security levels (L0 to L5), which have authentication keys with different length and robustness according to the NIST standards. Experimental results shows that our AMI scheme meets the NIST real-time requirements (efficiency) with security levels, L1 and L2, taking, respectively, 6.45 ms and 12.9 ms, which is considerably smaller than the existing techniques.