Revisit to expenditure-based segmentation: The case of the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship

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Technology Studies

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Event Management


The current study segments the youth golf event market based on expenditure of families who participated in the US Kids Golf World Championship. Expenditure was analyzed from the perspective of parents of young golfers who played at the event. Analysis confirmed the existence of three dissimilar groups of spenders that included light spenders, medium spenders, and heavy spenders. These spenders significantly differed in 1) the expenditure variables such as lodging, food & beverage, golf, retail, transportation, and entertainment & recreation, 2) the overall satisfaction with the event, and 3) trip characteristics. The findings help better appreciate the expenditure patterns and characteristics of families who attended the special youth golf event, a market that has hitherto been infrequently addressed in the literature. Marketing implications are discussed for golf event marketers and associated businesses.

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