Applications of behavior analysis in healthcare and beyond

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"This timely volume explores the multiple domains where Behavior Analysts can provide meaningful assessment and interventions. Selecting clinical areas in which behavior analysts already are active, chapters will describe unique features of the setting as well as the skills and competencies needed to practice in these areas. While providers of behavior analytic services have substantially increased in number, the field of behavior analysis itself has narrowed. Reimbursement policies and name recognition as a treatment specific to autism have raised concerns that other areas where it is helpful, such as behavioral gerontology or integrated behavioral health, will be de-emphasized. This volume aims to promote workforce development and support broad behavior analytic training, considering the Behavior Analyst Certification Boards 5th edition task list (effective in 2020). Provides comprehensive coverage of clinical fields in which behavior analysts can provide services; Presents comprehensive overview of skills needed for practice in these diverse areas; how these skills are best supervised; and how to monitor skills development; Chapter structure reflects the upcoming changes from the BACBs 5th edition task list."



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ISBN : 978-3-030-57968-5