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An intelligent baby monitor with automatic sleeping posture detection and notification

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Engineering Technology

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has brought lots of excitement to our day-to-day lives. Some examples are spam email detection, language translation, etc. Baby monitoring devices are being used to send video data of the baby to the caregiver’s smartphone. However, the automatic understanding of the data was not implemented in most of these devices. In this research, AI and image processing techniques were developed to automatically recognize unwanted situations that the baby was in. The monitoring device automatically detected: (a) whether the baby’s face was covered due to sleeping on the stomach; (b) whether the baby threw off the blanket from the body; (c) whether the baby was moving frequently; (d) whether the baby’s eyes were opened due to awakening. The device sent notifications and generated alerts to the caregiver’s smartphone whenever one or more of these situations occurred. Thus, the caregivers were not required to monitor the baby at regular intervals. They were notified when their attention was required. The device was developed using NVIDIA’s Jetson Nano microcontroller. A night vision camera and Wi-Fi connectivity were interfaced. Deep learning models for pose detection, face and landmark detection were implemented in the microcontroller. A prototype of the monitoring device and the smartphone app were developed and tested successfully for different scenarios. Compared with general baby monitors, the proposed device gives more peace of mind to the caregivers by automatically detecting un-wanted situations.

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DOI: 10.3390/ai2020018