Gamifying computer science education for Z generation

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Information Security and Applied Computing

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Information (Switzerland)


Generation Z members use their smart devices as part of their everyday routine. Teaching methods may need to be updated to make learning materials more interesting for this generation. This paper suggests gamifying computer science subjects to enhance the learning experience for this generation. Additionally, many students face difficulty in understanding computer science materials and algorithms. Gamifying computer science education is one of the suggested teaching methods to simplify topics and increase students’ engagement. Moreover, the field of computer science is dominated by males. The use of gamification could increase women’s interest in this field. This paper demonstrates different techniques that were developed by the researchers to employ gamification in teaching computer science topics. The data was collected at the end of the two different courses. Results show that students enjoyed the suggested teaching method and found it useful. This paper also demonstrates two tools and their gamification elements. These tools were developed by the researchers to help people learn computer programming and information security.

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