Agile approaches for cybersecurity systems, IoT and intelligent transportation

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Information Security and Applied Computing

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IEEE Access


To adapt to the rapidly increasing vulnerabilities in software products and cyber threats that exploit them, security professionals are actively working with software developers to produce more secure systems. In software development, agile methods are increasingly adopted in critical software projects where security risks are prominent challenges. This adoption stems from the fact that agile methods are highly iterative and support delivering services and products in smaller batches which allows security professionals to seamlessly integrate software development security activities with agile methodologies. In addition, the iterative nature of agile software development encourages frequent inspections, tests, and patching of software systems to mitigate cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities. Considering the massive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) products, the challenge of software development while addressing the security and safety concerns of these devices will continue to increase. This paper presents a comprehensive and detailed review of agile software development in the context of IoT, ITS, and their cybersecurity and risk challenges. Furthermore, we provide a systematic comparison of the reviewed literature based on a set of defined criteria. Finally, we provide a broader outlook and an outline for designing future security-enhanced agile software development solutions for IoT and ITS systems.

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