Sapere Aude: An academic study of world religions (Vol. 2nd)

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History and Philosophy


Welcome to the academic study of world religions. The Latin title of this textbook, Sapere Aude, is the famous 18th-century motto of the European Enlightenment, a movement that sought to break with the narrow thought and blind faith of the so-called Dark Ages, in order to promote critical thinking, rational objectivity and cultural tolerance. This phrase was coined by the ancient Latin poet, Horace, but recast for the Enlightenment by the famous German philosopher, Immanuel Kant. Sapere Aude is an imperative and is often translated as “Dare to Think!” This will be our goal as we proceed. This textbook is also a workbook containing exercises on basic information regarding the five primary religions. After each lesson of each unit there is a short list of key terms, names, events, etc., found easily in bold print in the text itself, to be briefly identified in the spaces provided. Students should compose these identifications in their own words. This book, along with a copy of the online images (accessed per syllabus instructions), is the only material students will need while participating in the online discussions and while taking the online exams. I hope students and all readers will find this an informative textbook and arewarding workbook. [Preface]

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