Theophilus of Antioch: The life and thought of a second-century bishop

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History and Philosophy


Theophilus of Antioch was a second-century Syrian bishop who sought to promote in three books, collectively known as Ad Autolycum, a moralistic form of Christianity. Given that this form of Christianity is generally considered by scholars as atypical within the early church, Theophilus has not received the same amount of attention as have other second-century theologians. Rick Rogers seeks to redress this gap, offering a fuller analysis of the rhetoric and focus of Theophilus's theological system as it is manifest in Ad Autolycum. Rogers concludes that Theophilus's thought may have been closer to the emphasis of Hellenistic Judaism than was any other form of New Testament or early Christianity. His book will hold strong appeal for scholars and students of early Christianity. [Publisher's description]

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