Characterization of mar/scratch resistance of coatings with a nano-indenter and scanning probe microscope

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The surface characterizations of engineering materials effects their scratch/abrasion/Mar resistance, coating adhesion/strength, and abrasive wear mechanism. Scratching of Materials and Applications has chapters devoted to direct industrial application and contains some of the important works that are being conducted. Scratch testing of materials has grown extensively since the earlier days of the Mohs Scale for ranking minerals according to their relative scratch resistance. This test has been used on metals, ceramics, glasses, polymers and coatings of various types and thicknesses.The chapters are grouped according to the type of the engineering materials used. The beginning chapters relate mostly to bulk polymers, which are followed by different types of coatings (hard wear resistant to the diamond-like carbon coatings) and finally, chapters on the application of scratching technique to metals and ceramics are included at the end of the book. Thus, the book covers a fairly wide spectrum of engineering materials which are useful to engineers and researchers.* Balances theoretical science with practical application* Demonstrates real-life applications within industry* Written experts in the fields of materials, tribology and surface mechanics

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