Earth system projects for interactive, animated learning

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Geography and Geology


In this project we are building a series of web-based Earth System Projects for Interactive, Animated Leaning (ESPIAL). These earth system science based-modules are geared towards secondary students. The modules present scientifically rigorous information in an accessible format leading the student into utilizing the scientific method of inquiry to solve problems. Each module deals with one earth system science concept that meets national science education standards (NSES). Each module contains visualizations, virtual field experiences, problem solving activities, and assessments. The student is first introduced to an Earth system science concept. Then they are lead on a virtual field trip where they gather data that they record in a virtual geologic field notebook. Each module contains a series of questions that progress from lower level questions that can be answered explicitly by information contained in the text to higher level questions that require interpretation and analysis. The questions and answers can be printed and handed in to the teacher as part of the teacher's assessment of the student's learning.

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